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The right employee for the right task

Yesterday was a sad day for me personally and for the company in general. One of our star employees S, left the company to pursue higher education and try his hands at his own startup. But … thats a good… Continue Reading →

Timeline of a startup

Surabhi has a great article on her views on what kinds of startups and what kinds of people survive over the first few years in the startup phase. Read her What it takes to start a business post. My thoughts… Continue Reading →

Hurricane BOSS Software

It’s been a hectic few months here at MindPillar and Adeena (and now, HurricaneBOSS). Yes, summer is here and business is booming for us entrepreneurial types. We just launched Hurricane BOSS software that caters to the sales needs of companies… Continue Reading →

Problem with over-demand: IT Jobs in Bangalore

Ok, so we go ahead and hire this new guy who has specific skills we are looking at. First off, he accepts our offer even though he has another offer waiting for him. Fair enough. Compare, and select whats better,… Continue Reading →

Small Business Partnerships: Communication is key

It’s been a hectic few months at my companies (MindPillar and Adeena). New developments … new people, new issues, new projects, new season, many conferences and still a lot of hard work. One thing that hasn’t changed is the personal/business… Continue Reading →

Experience before a startup: Opposite but not wrong

Rick Segal recently interviewed former Microsoft employees on their way to greener pastures and/or their own startups. I look at his article from a different point of view. Whats a better way to go? First working in a bigger corporation,… Continue Reading →

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