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Things that are irritating, a nuisance or plain simple annoying. About countries, politicians, religions, things, websites, etc.

Google Fanboys?

I have a problem with Google fanboys speaking of how Google Reader is much faster on Google’s own browser, Chrome. These are mostly the same people who complained that Microsoft Office works better with Microsoft Windows (vs. Mac) BTW, I’m… Continue Reading →

I am a Jet Airways Fan

Seriously, I am! – Says the yellow thingy! (BTW, when do they expect us to use it? If the A/C turns off due to a power failure?)

Apple’s iPhone mentality: I told you so

Most people who know me also know that I don’t particularly like Micro$oft bashing as a sport primarily because it’s not just them. It’s just that I never had enough non-Microsoft examples to prove why I thought so. However, slowly,… Continue Reading →

This not spam. Because you are special

Here is the disclaimer at the bottom of a spam email I got today … We do not send or support spam. You are receiving this information because you have been exclusively selected. Umm, okay … I’ve been exclusively selected… Continue Reading →

Political dumbness

Political dumbness at its usual. Some dumb political worker thinks hiding an important road sign at a busy crossing on Tumkur Road, Bangalore will help things improve!

Why TechCrunch et al are still niche sites

There is this entire world beyond the small number of sites that talk about Web 2.0 and cheer each other over minor victories and launches of website betas. Web 2.0 and people reporting about it have always made me wonder… Continue Reading →

American Express: typical bad customer service

I’ve been moving my Amex membership rewards over to my Delta Skymiles card for years now. First, it was a 1:1 transfer (take 5000 from amex and put in 5000 into Delta).Then it became a 2:1 (take 10000 from amex and… Continue Reading →

Firefox 2.0: A Personal record

With my install of Firefox 2.0 on my tablet PC yesterday I set a new personal record. For the least amount of time I have ever kept a mainstream application on any computer of mine. Shocked? Me too!I uninstalled Firefox… Continue Reading →

True cost of maintaining inventory

What is the true cost of maintaining and stocking a physical inventory? For both new products and spare parts? For example in the auto industry … individual repair shops always seem to be able to get spare parts on demand… Continue Reading →

Israel vs. the Arab world: Better marketing

I’ve often wondered about this … maybe it’s the last few years in New York and in America in general that has given me a better perspective on this topic … The Israeli’s don’t like Palestine .. so they do… Continue Reading →

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