I have been using Windows Live Mesh software on my personal laptops (Windows 7 and Windows XP) and on Surabhi’s laptop (Windows Vista) for a few months now.

It is a wonderful software that allows you to do some interesting stuff in a very user friendly manner.

1) Share a file and it is immediately available on all other computers and in an online account at once.
2) Set permissions to ensure only files you want to, are shared
3) Share different files/folders with different people.
4) Works seamlessly in the background. You just know it works.

Live Mesh is a part of 3 new products from Microsoft: Live Mesh, SkyDrive and Live Sync.
To know the differences between the three, check Amit’s blog.

This compares very favourable with other services such as box.net and dropbox.

However, it is a little disheartening to see that none of the popular commercial blogs such as techcrunch or engadget give it any coverage to speak of. I mean, not liking Microsoft is one thing, but actively ignoring new and good products that can help thousands of customers just because they are made by Microsoft is plain biased.

(Sure they have a few articles, but seriously, compared to other/similar companies?)