Airtel Marketing has some really cheap and nasty tricks up their sleeve …

Here are a few I have been targeted with recently:

1) They call you from an out-of-town landline number specifically when you are travelling and paying roaming charges per minute for incoming.

They make this call specifically to Airtel mobile customers only as they know when an Airtel mobile is “roaming”

2) They give you a missed call.
Thats it. A missed call from a generic landline number.

And, of course, etiquette demands that you return the call.
You get a marketing person at the other end of the call, that you are paying for!!!

3) A non-marketing issue, but an Airtel issue, none-the-less. Their “toll free” support number 121 only works fully from your hometown. Sure, you can call this number when travelling, but you cannot get help on lots of issues. For that, you need to call 121 when you are in your home calling area only.

Airtel marketing sucks big time!