Are you seriously kidding me, Airtel?

Sorry. Some background to this outburst.
Indian mobile operators have only recently figured out how to give users access to technology that allows callers to leave a voicemail in-case the called-person is busy or unreachable. So far so good.

Lets see how this works in real-life?
If you ever call an Airtel mobile number and get the voicemail prompt, you are requested  “To leave a Voicemail, dial * followed by the 10 digit mobile number of the person you are trying to call”

Didn’t I just DIAL this number to make the call in the first place? Doesn’t Airtel know the number they just tried to connect me to? Are their systems so disjoined that during the same phone call, I need to enter the number again?! Do they want me to hold the call, dig through the phonebook, lookup the number, then type it in? All of this DURING the call to that very same number?

Airtel Mobile has a bad, sad, stupid and terrible sense of customer service.