I have been playing with Xobni for the last couple of days and in 1 word: Awesome.

It’s still in beta, so I know there will be kinks … but … with the path they are following .. into the completely awesome world of email analytics, who cares for a few bugs.

So far, I am impressed that their app hasn’t slowed my Outlook a lot (and I’m on a 3 year old IBM thinkpad x31, WinXP and Outlook 2003.

At a basic level, when you click on an email it gives you a ranking of people you communicate with (based on some mix of incoming and outgoing mails the two of you have exchanged).

Right now, Surabhi’s at #1 (whew!), followed by Piet, Renny and then my Mom. I wish it could show me a ranking style listing!

Ok, now that my initial excitement’s worn off … what else can I do with this data? I mean, how can I have it figure out things that I should be doing that I am already not (one thing it does … it shows you when was the last time you mailed someone … helps keeping in touch with friends).
But what other possibilities exist out there? Lets find out over the next few weeks!

xobni review