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May 2007

Business Cards, Letterheads, Logos and other schwab

Quick … whats the first and most exciting part of starting your own company? Of course, it’s the ability to spend dozens of hours choosing the right company name, company logo, company colour, cards, letterheads, powerpoint templates, email signature styles,… Continue Reading →

Life and products

Life is too short to build niche products. Yikes! (taken from HitForge) startup entrepreneur

Whats Your Web 2.0?

After a good chunk of last year being spent on the Web 2.0 hoopla (2.0 what, you ask?! See dictionary.com:hoopla) I think there might be some strong websites that came out of the hype and became a part of everyday work!… Continue Reading →

Subscribe to my mom’s blog …

My mom’s been blogging on and off for the last few years. This year, I got her to promise me that she’ll re-start blogging again … and looks like it could be good for a while.   So, if you… Continue Reading →

Outsourced development and vacations

So I’m reading some random blogs, and come across this jewel written by Arvinder. Basically, it’s the description of a software engineer at an outsourcing company in India asking for vacation/time-off to go visit his parents. Read the entire entry… Continue Reading →

Suramya’s next birthday gift

Well, considering I don’t eat waffles myself, this makes the perfect thing to buy for Suramya’s next birthday …                       Check out the full post at TreeHugger.

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