With my install of Firefox 2.0 on my tablet PC yesterday I set a new personal record.

For the least amount of time I have ever kept a mainstream application on any computer of mine.

Shocked? Me too!
I uninstalled Firefox 2.0 within 10 minutes of first using it.

It took over my computer’s usage (taking up 90% to 95% of my cpu’s resources and over 120mb of RAM) when on google’s search pages with only a single site open (just 1 tab). And even that search was for “firefox 2.0 cpu usage”.
Looks like I’m not the only one with this issue with Firefox’s newest 2.0 version.

So I’m back to version Firefox 1.5 and much happier.

Any of you facing similar issues?
On Windows XP, of course? Please don’t tell me that it works better on your fav. version of Linux/Unix.

My customers pay me money to write windows programs for them, so my browser should work well on windows too. Not the other way around.

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