In all these arguments about which OS is better, what compiler makes most sense and, now, which one’s a better music player … people forget the actual logical arguments and ignore presenting the products with a critical thinkers point of view.

Which makes it even more interesting when you finally read reviews that are well written. Like the comparison of Zune and iPod done by Matt Miller at ZDNet.

He writes

The Zune keeps getting knocked and many people are quoting some recent sales data to show how the Zune is already falling down. However, you need to look at other circumstances surrounding when that data was captured and also give an honest look at the Zune in direct comparison to the iPod to see which is the best device for you.

I don’t have to agree with everything that he says, for example, is it still way more difficult to get hardware accessories and software to extend Zune’s functionality. Which directly impacts the number of uncles and aunts you can gift a Zune to (opposed to an iPod). But still, with Microsoft’s strengths in rallying other accessory manufacturers around their products, this is only a short matter of time. After all, it was M$ and their Wintel ideology that sustained both Windows itself as well as Linux. Imagine making Linux popular in a world of closed-off Mac hardware!

Zune vs ipod comparison review