So I did the usual thing I do when a new James Bond movie is about to come out … make sure I go watch the earliest show possible (no, I won’t skip office to watch it during the daytime!). So Surabhi, Suramya, Pranav, Aarti, Tintisha, Jessica and I headed out to Jersey Gardens theatres for the midnight screening of Casino Royale.

Whats the important question?

  • How was Daniel Craig as the new Bond?
  • Was this movie worthy of the Bond title?

I think the first one is answered the moment you see Craig in the first 10 minutes, as he chases a bomberman through a construction site. He will do.

The more important question for me … “Was this movie worthy of the Bond title?”
Yes, with a slight tinge of no.


***spoiler alert***

Who the hell ends a Bond movie with Bond still pointing a gun at a villain and asking him a question? I mean, we don’t need to know that there will be a Bond sequel. 21 movies later, we fans get the hint!!!

All in all, decent bond movie, not up there with Die Another Day or any of the Dalton or Connery films. Might be I’ll change my mind after watching it again in greater detail. Too loong, yet so very short.

And that was the second problem with the movie … too many minutes of mushy-mushy sweet nothings between Bond and Vesper. I mean, it all made sense in the end, but why waste so many precious Bond minutes on this stuff? The whole movie went by very fast, otherwise. Good action sequences (Looved the whole Banlieue 13 type action)

The entire poker scene stank of Poker World Series and could have been more bond-like, in my opinion.

But hey, don’t listen to me, I’m just a Bond fan!!!

Casino Royale James Bond review