I just noticed the following …

  • Open tabs on my firefox window …
    • Gmail
    • Orkut (owned by Google)
    • Couple of Google search windows
    • Google reader
    • Google groups for programming research
    • Froogle for product price-checking
    • YouTube (can you say 1.65 billion, billllllion)
  • Using Firefox (promoted by Google, both Y! and MS promote IE7)
  • Use GoogleDesktop for local search
  • Using wi-fi on my FON router (invested in by Google)

Can my Microsoft (M$) and Yahoo (Y!) friends say Ouch?!

Well, not to worry, I am still running Windows, coding on VS.Net, chatting over MSN and Y! (no GTalk as of today) get my weather alerts through Y!, and prefer Yahoo Finance.

Of course just now was a weird day, I didn’t have any other tabs open … but just goes to show!

Microsoft Yahoo Google rivalry competition comparison