You never realize you have this problem till you actually have two computers you use on a regular basis.

My current setup includes an IBM X31 laptop connected to a 2nd 15″ LCD monitor and my X41 TabletPC connected to a 2nd 19″ LCD monitor! On the same desk, next to each other!

Often, I am chatting with someone on one computer or reading something on a webiste and need to copy/paste text quickly onto the other one …

Here’s a nifty solution to do this … get Net Clipboard (freeware for Windows) and install it on both computers. It needs some tweaking the first time you run it, with entering computer names or IP addresses, etc. But thats it … after that to paste copied items from the other computer, just press F12 (you can change this later) and select the text you want to use from the other computer’s clipboard and it’s done!

Be warned though, it’s not the smoothest running program … but a good idea nonetheless. And it free!

There was a better program called clippool from Microsoft, but it only comes on the Windows 2000 Resource CD. So I don’t have access to it.

For the two people who I know who use the Mac … there is another one for Mac, called ClipboardSharing that does the same thing. Also freeware.