There is a new entrant in the battle to give us our daily dose of literary writings. Your common, everyday everyminute SPAM.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Spam? How? WTF?

Well … I noticed this over the last few days when a few junk messages were slipping past my spam blocker (the awesome, fully free SpamBayes*).
Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the last few paragraphs of these mails contained quotes from the classical (Shakespeare, Dickens) to the modern (Rowling) to the obscure (Brian Penton, who?!).

I guess thats smart (smart spammers? I’d rather have fewer of those) … put in some actual text into the body of the email … so your spam blocker either starts identifying Sharespeare and Rowling as spammers or (even worse) lets in these mails because they have a higher percentage probability of being actual emails with legible text that raises very few red-flags in word-count.