So over the last few days I’ve been fielding questions from a few friends of friends and siblings of friends … students who are getting into high school or to their first year of college … and they ask the common question … “What kind/type of laptop do you recommend?”

My answer “Go buy a Tablet PC”.

And you cannot use high-price price as an excuse against getting a Tablet PC for your classwork. No … sorry … I won’t listen to it. Whatever else anyone else talks to you about … you NEED to get a Tablet PC to really get your school work in order.

Update: You need a Tablet PC over a Laptop. This only applies if you are in the market with some cash in hand in the first place. Thnx Renny!

From personal experience … everytime I am sitting in a meeting with a client and jotting notes into my Tablet PC … the first thought that comes to mind … wish I had this Tablet when I was still in school. You lucky people still in school should be happy. You getting a Tablet PC to school is like me getting a laptop in school compared to my dad using his spiral 200-page notebook back in the day. It’s evolution.

Read on for a more formal response …

Why do you need a Tablet PC as a student?

First off, read some other, more detailed articles on the web.

Like this one on TabletPCBuzz Forums titled Tablet PCs for Students. And also some of the articles on this website … StudentTabletPCs guide to Notetaking with Tablets.

Don’t go out there and look at the most expensive tablet’s on the market … these are school tools so make sure you get them with the right software also. Some of it costs more money. However, you can survive just with the basic tablet PC software for starters. Check with your school/college about student software programs to save you more money.

A Mac fan?

Sorry, you guys are out of luck for now … I know a Mac fan will remain loyal to a Mac, no matter how antiquated the current technology … there is no Apple Tablet PC on the market right now. But please do try out a Windows Tablet PC … if you keep your anti-virus and Windows software updated and use a free firewall like Zonealarm and browse using Firefox … you are mostly covered.