My friend, Vaibhav Mahajan recently launched Innovative Addiction in India.

Quoting their website …

Innovative Addiction is India’s only multi-channel retailer selling ‘gadget’s gizmo’s’ … basically all the stuff,
delicately put, you don’t need… but you really, really want‘.
(Emphasis mine)

I see some good things, for this Indian sub-continent-centric website.

1) They are finally filling a gap, satisfying the needs of those thousands of techies who earn enough (thanks to the global IT revolution), but cannot buy the right toys with all their earnings!

2) Free shipping within India … this is a no-brainer startup strategy, helping generate the initial orders and working towards better customer service in the Indian e-commerce market as a whole.

3) Quality. Quality. Quality. They have started a quality service and as they keep it up, it will help expand their core customer base and core offerings.

So go ahead, and get an Innovative Addiction

Innovative Addiction