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Month January 2006

Good Virii? P2P innoculation?

This morning, while driving to work, I was thinking of how bluetooth virii spread … basically … how does any computer virus/worm spread … while at it … how do germs and the flu virus spread in humans? Isn’t it… Continue Reading →

The Original Keyboard

Arrrgh … i maintain a decent folder, with images that have been posted to the blog and another folder with images that I want to post but haven’t found the time yet. Unfortunately, this post is an example of a… Continue Reading →

Get rid of PDFs on the web

It’s about time … get rid of PDFs from websites. Adobe has bloated their PDF Reader client software so much that I prefer not to open PDF files on websites or, in an extreme case, when I don’t have a… Continue Reading →

Good to be back home

I’m in Bangalore right now (notice the lack of blog posts!) So tonight, it’s a little after 10pm, and almost everyone’s off to bed … when my mom wants a pain-killer tablet … and we are fresh out of them…. Continue Reading →

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