Notice the new Yahoo powered ads on the bottom-left of the screen (it’s green right now)

First Impressions (meaning: not enough time spent on this)

Yeah, I got into Yahoo’s preview of the Publisher system this week and have been tweaking the ad-content to see what they’ve made. Looks a lot like Google … thats good and bad.

Good: It’s simple … the back-end is definitely less confusing. Some things are missing, like real-time preview (I have to click on another link to preview the ad size, etc) But pretty simplified.

Bad: Updates are not real-time (not even few hours, atleast 1 day). C’mon Yahoo, you can crunch numbers faster than that …! If someone posts ahot blog entry, they will get their hits within the first 24 hours and then keep getting them, but with blogging those first 24 hours are critical, unlike regular home-pages.
They have got to try something different than a google-esque copy of the ad styles … how about some snazzy stuff? (I’m not talking blinking lights and sounds … but play with the text-only format, yes?)

What I would LOVE ? How about a Tag-Cloud of ads ….

HEY, How about a tag-cloud of search results ??
Is it done already? I haven’t heard of it yet.