is a pretty snazzy new multi-IM client (meaning, it works with AOL, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ) on the same system.
I really like the clean interface and the simplicity makes you think, bloatware really is out! (Well, I had to bear it when there weren’t other options). I for one, think it’s a good demonstration of the meta-technology now known as AJAX.

I like Trillian, I really do, but that still does not justify Trillian taking up about 14mb of system RAM at all times.

Also, with my other set of micro-utlities, like, and, I am closer and closer to getting a simple touchscreen, running firefox on a light-weight version of linux (with scripts to load up the browser and all the required”web-apps” in different tabs for my parents.
Need to fix it? Restart. Crashed? Restart. Need to clear windows? Restart.

Hmm, all these years of tinkering with Pocket PC’s and their soft reset buttons definitely gets to you.

However, back to the topic, Meebo looks good, feels good and hopefully will be a solid long-term app.

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