Had a terrific birthday blast by watching some of my favourite tennis players all on the same day!
Yup, Surabhi and I were there for the US Open, day 10, on 7th September 2005 at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

We had my good friends, Piet and Emily with us. Thanks for making it guys!!!

Vinit at US Open

Vinit at US Open

First the excellent Mahesh Bhupati/Hantuchova victory in the Mixed doubles Semifinals (which I only saw the last few minutes of), then the experienced vs. new player game between Davenport and Dementieve (I rooted for the Russian in orange!) in the womens qtr. finals and finally, the BIG game, Andre Agassi vs. James Blake in the mens qtr finals!!!

What the hell was with Agassi in the first 2 sets? Looked like he was either high on weed, or just high on his past accomplishments … whatever it was, I did not enjoy it one bit, and wanted to get out of the stadium before I saw the fall of one of my favourites. However, the last 3 sets made up for anything else he could be blamed for that evening!

This is the view from the top floor of Arthur Ashe stadium, looking south. That big metallic globe in the background is the one from the World’s Fair of 1964. Read about it.
Vinit and Surabhi at US Open