I usually visit Slickdeals.net.
Today I noticed a new topic in the forum, titled “ Tiger direct loses rebate lawsuit – forced to pay all rebates submitted since 2000

Now, tigerdirect is well known to have issues (to put it mildly) with sending people mail-in-rebate cheques.
They are extremely notorious in this regard and numerous forums all over the web are filled with horror stories of people buying expensive electronic equipment from their website because of the great sounding rebate offers … and then not getting the cheques (checks?!) for one silly reason after another.

So obviously, I (and about 190 2,457 5400 other people as of this posting) had to read what the good news was all about. (yup, that number went up between my reading it and posting about it!)

Har Har Har

However, this must suck for tigerdirect … when users are so pissed off at their lack of honesty to use them in an april fool’s prank.

I don’t know if they fraud the people or what they do is illegal, but it surely isn’t good customer service!

Good one, denmalley!