There was LinkedIn, then came Orkut, someone noticed Hi5 and scores of other social-networking websites that let you view Friends-of-a-friend (FoAF).

Now, there is Yahoo 360, supposedly the swiss-army knife of social-networking.

Yahoo groups was already strong, but 360 takes it into an entirely different zone, with blogging, photos, news, feeds, flickr (eventually?!) … the works!

Now my basic problem is, how do I move my existing network of friends from the other networking websites into Yahoo 360?

Orkut has a simple Comma seprated value (CSV) export available here …

But I cannot really export that into yahoo 360?
Also, what about my other networks, like linkedin?!
I’m not recommending everyone move to yahoo 360 (i don’t work there, you see!) but depending on what your tastes and requirements are, 360 is more feature rich.

Once I do import and invite my friends to 360, it’s upto them to do the same with their friends.