[19:40] Renny: Thanks to you
[19:40] Renny:I’m sitting here playing Settlers of Catan on the net
[19:40] Renny: argh
[19:40] Vinit (me): har har har har

Settlers of Catan, a boardgame designed by Klaus Teuber is one really really awesome and (warning!) extremely addictive game.

If you want an example of how really really addictive this is look at my “settler teaching stats” …
1) I learnt this from my friends Vivek and Nade, and immediately spent the entire weekend (including staying up till 5am) playing it.
2) I taught it to my friend Madhur, he played it for a whole day, and called me the next day saying he dreamt of it and had this urge to play it again. Hmm, the fellow needs to check.
3) I taught it to my kid brother Atul, he played it for a whole day, and then all night, and told me that he dreamt of playing it in his sleep too. Then he ended up buying a copy of the game to take with him in India.
4) My mom played, and same thing, she is addicted.
5) On new years weekend, I took it to Renny’s house, he and Beena (his wife) played it with me, and in under 20 hours, were hooked so much that they search it online and are right now playing it at http://www.s3dconnector.net and at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsettlers

Yes, i’m not trying hard enough to convert enough people. Working at it …