Just got t-mobile to send me a new nokia 6600 for Approx $70

Phone cost: $170
2-day Shipping: $15
Total: $185

Bonus: 2 free months = 2 * 50 = $100
Bonus: Free 2-day shipping = $15
Total Bonus: $115

Total cost: 185 – 115 = $70

Blame it on awesome customer service.
Which is why, 4 years+, I’m still with T-Mobile.

Of course, I had to extend my contract for 1 more year. But after 4 years, (2 of them withOUT a new contract) it does not matter that much!

you’ll know why i needed a new phone ASAP.

(it was just Ericsson then, no Sony)
This Sony Ericsson T39 isn’t as bad as it looks. I got it in 2001 shipped from UK for about $300.

At that time, it had Bluetooth, 192kbps modem (gprs), fax transmission capability, WAP1.2 browser, POP3/IMAP/SMTP, incoming-only MMS, 9 days standby (~215 hrs) and 5 hours talk-time (~275 mins).

It was a tri-band world phone (successfully used in India, Nepal, France, UK, USA, Italy!)

Voice enabled dialing, voice recorder (for memos), bulk SMS capability (send a “Lunch ?” msg to 15 classmates!), Sync with desktop, change backgrounds, etc, etc!

This one isn’t going to die anytime soon. My mom wants to put it in the ‘my-son-is-a-nerd museum’ that among other things houses a 80486 with a math co-processor, Sega 16-bit system, etc. The pre-requisite is that i used it, it was one of the first of the kind for me and it should still work (they all do).