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July 2004

Delta Customer service?

Scenario: Renny has me and Delta Customer Service on a 3-way call. Scenario: Renny and I are already chatting using instant messenger … One fine friday evening (ok, tonight), as we tried speaking to Delta Skymiles Customer Service….trying to get… Continue Reading →

Graduation photos!!!

Looooong overdue. Here are a bunch of photos from my Graduation in May 2004. Follow the link … Thats the women in my life, the brat and me. Not in that order. Repeat. Not in that order. Thats a few… Continue Reading →

Marketing 101

Note to self: Stop frigging marketing for orkut and LJ and GMail. Instead focus on marketing MindPillar I really, really shouldn’t have dropped that marketing class in favor of advanced data-structures. Fat lot of good that did to me. So… Continue Reading →

Baygon does a spidey

Baygon does a spidey? Hilarious ad Thanks to aNYa Presume it’s the city, not the state?!

XP SP2 prioritizes network activity/connections?

If this is right, then it’s very wrong … Article below states that M$ might be putting in artificial blocks to stop distributed attacks. This is similar to the frustrations with Outlook blocking executable attachments (.exe, .bat, .msi, others). I… Continue Reading →

Orkut: I’m fortunate!

Thats it! I’m buying shares, going to Vegas and betting on India to win every Cricket World Cup for the next 200 years.

Bloomberg bashing: Anti-Desi he is

Michael Bloomberg is an overall nice guy. If you don’t accept what he said in this comment, that is. Here is the actual blog I got it from. (Pretty much posted here for the pic of Bendre!!!)

Pop goes the GMail

Pop Goes the GMail is an incredible program. Lets you get your G-mail through any POP compatiable mail reader (yes, outlook even?!) It kills the gmail “conversation” format. But as long as i an POP the GMail, I’m a happpy… Continue Reading →

Virtual Corps

I dug up a really old article of mine, that got printed in the college paper. Yahoo’s cache (you will need to scroll down a page or so)

badmash.org – The Desi Comic Strip

If you guys don’t read it already … Badmash is a blast!

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