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June 2004

Hectic days!

These last 2 weeks have been hectic to say the least. I’ve either re-learnt              OOP, Threading, Windows Forms programming or remembered                    UI Design, generalized ITU… Continue Reading →

I’m glad she took the challenge up!

I’m glad my Mom started her own blog! She is writing as pickoftheday on LJ! Yayyyy!!!!!! Way to go maa.

Pure Genius!

My friend and mentor Renny Koshy just had a brainwave this day … Renny: no anonymous postings!!!    (on logic2go.com) Renny: How could you do that… Renny: don’t you believe in FREE SPEECH? Renny: OF course not… Me: nope Renny:… Continue Reading →

Simpler times :-(

Entire weekend coding. Got zilch done. What I’d give for simpler times. For better friends. Mangu, Mani, Rags. Some real wonderful pals. PS: Check mood. Again.


vinit’s LJ stalker is un4given_pthoo! un4given_pthoo is stalking you because you made a nasty comment on their LJ. They are also deluded! That last part i didn’t add. I wish I had ;)

INI and .NET

Just got down to my first c# project and lack of INI file support sucks! M$ wants you to use XML or (surprise, surprise) Registry entries. There are some things that an INI file cannot be replaced for, and it’s… Continue Reading →

Da Vinci Code redux?

Two good reason’s to read this other book … A) Reminds me of Holmes B) Reminds me of Da Vinci Code Reason not to read it … A) Might corrupt your love for Da Vinci Code USAToday talks of it… Continue Reading →

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