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Palm needs to merge or get acquired ASAP

This has been in the back of my mind for a while now, ever since I started reading about how cool Palm’s new WebOS is. Then followed by their hardware design (that Pre slider is awesome). Then followed by stories… Continue Reading →

Windows Live Mesh: Get my files everywhere

I have been using Windows Live Mesh software on my personal laptops (Windows 7 and Windows XP) and on Surabhi’s laptop (Windows Vista) for a few months now. It is a wonderful software that allows you to do some interesting… Continue Reading →

IBM seling ThinkPad to Lenovo was a mistake

Case in point, my 2002 model ThinkPad X31 survives after years of drops and falls. And thats the story with many other T20’s from earlier. But all newer thinkpads (even from 3 years ago) are breaking apart like cheapo Dell… Continue Reading →

Symbian OS: Show me the apps?

I have used Symbian as my phone OS for a while, not because of the OS itself, but because of the hardware it supports. First it was the Sony Ericsson, then some Nokia’s. I need a full keyboard, and aside… Continue Reading →

Airtel marketing sucks! More proof

Airtel Marketing has some really cheap and nasty tricks up their sleeve … Here are a few I have been targeted with recently: 1) They call you from an out-of-town landline number specifically when you are travelling and paying roaming… Continue Reading →

Apple iPad vs. a generic Windows 7 Tablet

For a very long time, many people complained about the lame-brained approach of Microsoft to reduce a full-sized desktop OS and squeeze it onto Pocket PC’s and call it, well, Pocket PC! Apple now takes an OS designed for a… Continue Reading →

Microsoft CRM 4.0 supports Indian numbering system

There was a pleasant surprise when I started using Microsoft CRM 4.0 last month. Indian companies can actually use the support for lakh and crore instead of millions and billions that they are forced to use with other software packages…. Continue Reading →

Tata Indicom and and funny marketing

So, I got back to BLR airport last evening, and the moment you get out of baggage collection, you are flooded with large banners advertising Tata’s new GSM service in partnership with Japan’s NTT DoCoMo. The good: I like Tata,… Continue Reading →

My Jai ho! moment.

I recently had to format my laptop because I was using a beta version of Windows 7, which expired. And this happened on day 2 of a 11 day trip. Yes, bhagwan help me, I know. However, the logic I… Continue Reading →

What a Trekkie geek I am

So I get to play with Surabhi’s new Sony eReader and the first thing I want to do it take it out of the protective casing and walk around the office running diagnostics on random systems and using the PADD… Continue Reading →

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