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My ode to building Bangalore (again).

Because it is always more difficult to build something of value and easy to destroy. Because it takes time to create and just a moment to reduce to rubble. Because people who have toiled their life away cannot see it… Continue Reading →

My startup ApnaStock featured in Economic Times newspaper

It’s always a huge boost to young startups to see validation of any kind. Sure, validation by customers who vote with their wallets is the *best* kind of validation, but the other kinds don’t hurt either ;-) We recently applied… Continue Reading →

What is education if not a way to keep hunger away?

Today I purchased alphabets from someone who doesn’t know what they are. She just knows that they will feed her poor family. I picked out V I R so she could make this beautiful wristband for my son … I… Continue Reading →

The wild-west of India: Bangalore

So I’ve come to realize why we see so many hate/negative posts about Bangalore on various social media websites. Some thoughts: 1) We are more wired and net-savvy as a city. Lots of residents of Bangalore are online for longer… Continue Reading →

Laziness manifesting through consumption

I always believed that I was more of a producer than a consumer. I generated ideas, thoughts and discussions rather than meekly follow them in other people’s blogs, news articles or facebook walls. However, over the last few months, I… Continue Reading →

Microsoft fanboy? Who? Me?

I’m a Microsoft fanboy. People who know me, know that. However, let me tell you about stuff that has happened to me over the last week … Outlook did something stupid last week… I could not see the “content/body” of… Continue Reading →

Making a Business Case

Here’s one way … A cousin of mine didn’t get (or maybe “didn’t want”) a cellphone while he was so young. So he never bothered to push his parents for one over the years. Then, over this summer, he started… Continue Reading →

Term papers and Final Essays: The post-college version

tenders, college, hard work I remember dozens of term papers, final essays and project reports I had to write and work on during high school and college. They took up lots of hours, editing, formatting and re-proofing. Making sure you… Continue Reading →

Firing an employee is never easy

Job cuts? Pink slips? Layoffs? Firing an employee is never easy for the owner of a company. It doesn’t matter how the media portrays the evil business owners. What you read may be true very very few times. In cases… Continue Reading →

What a Trekkie geek I am

So I get to play with Surabhi’s new Sony eReader and the first thing I want to do it take it out of the protective casing and walk around the office running diagnostics on random systems and using the PADD… Continue Reading →

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