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Thank you for helping me get fit

After long minutes of deliberation, I finally gave in and started walking towards the Krispy Kreme counter at airport. About halfway to the counter, I passed this really fit gentleman, tight t-shirt et al. Salt and pepper gave away the… Continue Reading →

Me vs. Them (On war)

How does war affect me?My stock portfolio is down.They might not get food. My fuel bill is higher.They might die. My gadget imports are delayed.They might miss years of school. My newspaper has a new focus.They don’t know which direction… Continue Reading →

My ode to building Bangalore (again).

Because it is always more difficult to build something of value and easy to destroy. Because it takes time to create and just a moment to reduce to rubble. Because people who have toiled their life away cannot see it… Continue Reading →

My startup ApnaStock featured in Economic Times newspaper

It’s always a huge boost to young startups to see validation of any kind. Sure, validation by customers who vote with their wallets is the *best* kind of validation, but the other kinds don’t hurt either ;-) We recently applied… Continue Reading →

What is education if not a way to keep hunger away?

Today I purchased alphabets from someone who doesn’t know what they are. She just knows that they will feed her poor family. I picked out V I R so she could make this beautiful wristband for my son … I… Continue Reading →

The wild-west of India: Bangalore

So I’ve come to realize why we see so many hate/negative posts about Bangalore on various social media websites. Some thoughts: 1) We are more wired and net-savvy as a city. Lots of residents of Bangalore are online for longer… Continue Reading →

Laziness manifesting through consumption

I always believed that I was more of a producer than a consumer. I generated ideas, thoughts and discussions rather than meekly follow them in other people’s blogs, news articles or facebook walls. However, over the last few months, I… Continue Reading →

Microsoft fanboy? Who? Me?

I’m a Microsoft fanboy. People who know me, know that. However, let me tell you about stuff that has happened to me over the last week … Outlook did something stupid last week… I could not see the “content/body” of… Continue Reading →

Making a Business Case

Here’s one way … A cousin of mine didn’t get (or maybe “didn’t want”) a cellphone while he was so young. So he never bothered to push his parents for one over the years. Then, over this summer, he started… Continue Reading →

Term papers and Final Essays: The post-college version

tenders, college, hard work I remember dozens of term papers, final essays and project reports I had to write and work on during high school and college. They took up lots of hours, editing, formatting and re-proofing. Making sure you… Continue Reading →

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