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Things that are irritating, a nuisance or plain simple annoying. About countries, politicians, religions, things, websites, etc.

My ode to building Bangalore (again).

Because it is always more difficult to build something of value and easy to destroy. Because it takes time to create and just a moment to reduce to rubble. Because people who have toiled their life away cannot see it… Continue Reading →

The real losers in the implosion

I could write on how X or Y or Z are to be blamed for the flare-up and goof-up and public display of dirty laundry. But who am I kidding here. The newspapers are already having a field day with this story…. Continue Reading →

Mjunction is a terrible joke

So I’ve recently had to put in a bid for a Govt. tender for one of the projects we are bidding for and found out that the potential-customer company is using the bidding platform designed by mjunction ( They expect… Continue Reading →

How to sell: FUD or the truth?

Recently, I came across a potential customer who was being sold RFID by a competitor. Usually, this is a good sign. This means that the customer is serious about RFID and is already in a “ready” state of mind. However,… Continue Reading →

Apple has users locked in with iOS apps? Yawn!

Every tech blog worth it’s digital bytes seems to talk ad nauseum about how the iTunes Store has locked in users with the app purchases and hence it will be difficult for people to move from iPhones/iPads to competing devices…. Continue Reading →

IBM seling ThinkPad to Lenovo was a mistake

Case in point, my 2002 model ThinkPad X31 survives after years of drops and falls. And thats the story with many other T20’s from earlier. But all newer thinkpads (even from 3 years ago) are breaking apart like cheapo Dell… Continue Reading →

Airtel marketing sucks! More proof

Airtel Marketing has some really cheap and nasty tricks up their sleeve … Here are a few I have been targeted with recently: 1) They call you from an out-of-town landline number specifically when you are travelling and paying roaming… Continue Reading →

Tata Indicom and and funny marketing

So, I got back to BLR airport last evening, and the moment you get out of baggage collection, you are flooded with large banners advertising Tata’s new GSM service in partnership with Japan’s NTT DoCoMo. The good: I like Tata,… Continue Reading →

Websites blocked and then some

So I am at the Dubai airport and surfing around (on their free wifi, Thanks guys!) However, I just decided to check up on something I’ve only read online … what kind of websites are good (or bad) enough to… Continue Reading →

Where did I misplace my billion(s)?

Anyone in the market to lend me 5-6 billion dollars? “What the hell would I want to do with that much cash?” , you ask? Well, according to this nicely drawn-up legend on NYTimes’ website, I could pick me up… Continue Reading →

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