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Layoffs suck. Be less of an asshole.

We recently had to go through a partial round of layoffs and some people in our team were let go. I have written about my thoughts and, more importantly, on what you can do for your people in such a… Continue Reading →

The real losers in the housing.com implosion

I could write on how¬†X or Y or Z are to be blamed for the flare-up and goof-up and public display of dirty laundry. But who am I kidding here. The¬†newspapers are already having a field day with this story…. Continue Reading →

My startup ApnaStock featured in Economic Times newspaper

It’s always a huge boost to young startups to see validation of any kind. Sure, validation by customers who vote with their wallets is the *best* kind of validation, but the other kinds don’t hurt either ;-) We recently applied… Continue Reading →

Going to the Mattresses – RFID Manufacturing

Recently, our customer got featured in ComputerWorld magazine for their excellent of RFID technology to prevent unauthorized dealers selling their Sleepwell brand mattresses. Check out the full article on our RFID blog

How to sell: FUD or the truth?

Recently, I came across a potential customer who was being sold RFID by a competitor. Usually, this is a good sign. This means that the customer is serious about RFID and is already in a “ready” state of mind. However,… Continue Reading →


We’ve started a new blog specifically discussing some popular and upcoming whitepapers and case studies of RFID solutions from around the world. Occasionally, we also write about specific hardware or other products. If you are interested in the RFID Active/Passive,… Continue Reading →

On sales leads and using CRM

The simplest way of knowing when your marketing is getting it right is the exact moment when the phones start ringing (or emails start coming in from prospective clients). Incoming sales leads are the direct result of and the much… Continue Reading →

RFID Tags and Reader directory now in beta

We have been working over the last few months to get a simple RFID Tags and Reader catalog/catalogue up and running. I believe it is now ready with some simple content and products and should be show-cased to a smaller… Continue Reading →

Term papers and Final Essays: The post-college version

tenders, college, hard work I remember dozens of term papers, final essays and project reports I had to write and work on during high school and college. They took up lots of hours, editing, formatting and re-proofing. Making sure you… Continue Reading →

What an Entrepreneur needs

(with apologies to Josh Quittner, whose mag Business 2.0 I totally loved) But, Seriously! As an entrepreneur … I don’t need another social network letting me meet and chat with other entrepreneurs. Sure it’s all nice and fuzzy and maybe… Continue Reading →

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