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Or just general stuff related to personal work I want to persue.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 supports Indian numbering system

There was a pleasant surprise when I started using Microsoft CRM 4.0 last month. Indian companies can actually use the support for lakh and crore instead of millions and billions that they are forced to use with other software packages…. Continue Reading →

My Jai ho! moment.

I recently had to format my laptop because I was using a beta version of Windows 7, which expired. And this happened on day 2 of a 11 day trip. Yes, bhagwan help me, I know. However, the logic I… Continue Reading →

The Innovators Dilemma: No, really

With my current focus on providing real world (read: ready to use) RFID applications to clients, it often becomes more necessary to take an existing solution and replicate it rather than start from scratch or provide lots of innovative thinking…. Continue Reading →

Don’t do that. Or that. Not now. Or later.

I wish there was more flux to life. A better, simpler and easier way to make sure things kept moving along. *warning* I like you; dear reader. So it’s only fair to warn you that this is probably one of… Continue Reading →

Talk like a pirate

Yarrrrr! It’s da talk like a pirate day, ye scurvy sea-dogs. And lik ‘ow I celibrited ’tis years ago, i’ll do so agin’ by re-running my “PirateTalk” program on QBasic! [Ask for copies now, source code included]

Google Fanboys?

I have a problem with Google fanboys speaking of how Google Reader is much faster on Google’s own browser, Chrome. These are mostly the same people who complained that Microsoft Office works better with Microsoft Windows (vs. Mac) BTW, I’m… Continue Reading →

What the hell happened to Professional IT?

Pretty close to my sentiments regarding the downhill education of the Professional IT people. I expect that “professional” IT people are professional. I expect that they have a desire to learn, a technical competence to achieve the tasks they set… Continue Reading →

My Deep Thoughts. Or lack thereof

I’ve not really been blogging in the traditional sense … you know, like the kind of articles I would really write in a journal/log. I feel my blog’s become more of a scrapbook (not even a good one at that)…. Continue Reading →

Being a good friend vs best friend

Being a good friend is about knowing what that person likes. Being a best friend is about knowing what that person dislikes.

New phone and a sign of the times

Ok, so I went ahead and retired my most beloved, most excellent, the most most, k750i with another Sony Ericsson model … the P1i (see P1i photos) It’s a pretty cool phone, as phones go. And it was a tough… Continue Reading →

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