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Or just general stuff related to personal work I want to persue.


We’ve started a new blog specifically discussing some popular and upcoming whitepapers and case studies of RFID solutions from around the world. Occasionally, we also write about specific hardware or other products. If you are interested in the RFID Active/Passive,… Continue Reading →

Laziness manifesting through consumption

I always believed that I was more of a producer than a consumer. I generated ideas, thoughts and discussions rather than meekly follow them in other people’s blogs, news articles or facebook walls. However, over the last few months, I… Continue Reading →

Educating the uneducated about recycling

There is something we have always done at our house for as long as I can remember. My mom ensures that we save old newspapers, bottles, plastic bags, etc and that they are sold to the “raddi-wala” (it is a… Continue Reading →

Microsoft should migrate Tech R&D budget to Market research

Microsoft has for very long invested billions of dollars into their technology R&D departments. I mean, they had the Tablet PC with wonderful handwriting recognition, Windows Mobile (PocketPC) with on-screen transcriber running on a low low 128MB ram with sub-200… Continue Reading →

On sales leads and using CRM

The simplest way of knowing when your marketing is getting it right is the exact moment when the phones start ringing (or emails start coming in from prospective clients). Incoming sales leads are the direct result of and the much… Continue Reading →

Microsoft fanboy? Who? Me?

I’m a Microsoft fanboy. People who know me, know that. However, let me tell you about stuff that has happened to me over the last week … Outlook did something stupid last week… I could not see the “content/body” of… Continue Reading →

Making a Business Case

Here’s one way … A cousin of mine didn’t get (or maybe “didn’t want”) a cellphone while he was so young. So he never bothered to push his parents for one over the years. Then, over this summer, he started… Continue Reading →

Palm needs to merge or get acquired ASAP

This has been in the back of my mind for a while now, ever since I started reading about how cool Palm’s new WebOS is. Then followed by their hardware design (that Pre slider is awesome). Then followed by stories… Continue Reading →

Windows Live Mesh: Get my files everywhere

I have been using Windows Live Mesh software on my personal laptops (Windows 7 and Windows XP) and on Surabhi’s laptop (Windows Vista) for a few months now. It is a wonderful software that allows you to do some interesting… Continue Reading →

Symbian OS: Show me the apps?

I have used Symbian as my phone OS for a while, not because of the OS itself, but because of the hardware it supports. First it was the Sony Ericsson, then some Nokia’s. I need a full keyboard, and aside… Continue Reading →

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