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The threat of leaving negative reviews

One of the biggest consumer enabler in our lifetimes is the ability for customers to leave feedback about a shop/restaurant/service/business. This feedback or review can be positive or negative. But whatever form it takes, it is public and available to… Continue Reading →

The Rupee is falling against global currencies – and why shouldn’t it?

If you are an Indian, or know an Indian or read newspapers from India, there is a good chance you have read about the great Indian rupee meltdown of 2013. I know I’ve personally (my gadgets cost more) and professionally… Continue Reading →


We’ve started a new blog specifically discussing some popular and upcoming whitepapers and case studies of RFID solutions from around the world. Occasionally, we also write about specific hardware or other products. If you are interested in the RFID Active/Passive,… Continue Reading →

Educating the uneducated about recycling

There is something we have always done at our house for as long as I can remember. My mom ensures that we save old newspapers, bottles, plastic bags, etc and that they are sold to the “raddi-wala” (it is a… Continue Reading →

What kind of web 2.0 company would I like to be?

In one word: Yammer These guys are out there doing the kind of thing I would like to do and selling to an audience I love selling to. Good job, fellas!

Hip displacia – And he doesn’t even know it

Sherlock was today morning diagnosed with Hip Displacia. He was limping in the morning and we took him to the 24×7 CUPA clinic at 7am. After an X-Ray, the doctor showed us how the hip joint of his right leg… Continue Reading →

RFID Tags and Reader directory now in beta

We have been working over the last few months to get a simple RFID Tags and Reader catalog/catalogue up and running. I believe it is now ready with some simple content and products and should be show-cased to a smaller… Continue Reading →

Proof of Indian Democracy in our National Anthem

It’s still early morning, as I’m sitting for tea (and biscuits, of course) and the cook/cleaner is cleaning the house. Thanks to being close to St. Josephs (Indians) and Cottons, we are within hearing distance of the morning assembly. As… Continue Reading →

“To leave a VoiceMail, dial the 10 digit mobile number…”

Are you seriously kidding me, Airtel? Sorry. Some background to this outburst. Indian mobile operators have only recently figured out how to give users access to technology that allows callers to leave a voicemail in-case the called-person is busy or… Continue Reading →

Oh, and why am I blogging again?

I realized that one of the biggest handicaps to my blogging was the availability of a decent blog composing/posting software. I love Microsoft Live Writer. But for some reason it would never run on my old WinXP (after a few… Continue Reading →

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