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Ways to live on the cheap.
Why not?!!!

Educating the uneducated about recycling

There is something we have always done at our house for as long as I can remember. My mom ensures that we save old newspapers, bottles, plastic bags, etc and that they are sold to the “raddi-wala” (it is a… Continue Reading →

Should I use Wood products or not?

There is an argument in my mind. Should I reduce plastic wastage and use wood based products where alternatives are possible or try to stop cutting down more trees? Very often there aren’t options that don’t use plastic or wood…. Continue Reading →

American Express: typical bad customer service

I’ve been moving my Amex membership rewards over to my Delta Skymiles card for years now. First, it was a 1:1 transfer (take 5000 from amex and put in 5000 into Delta).Then it became a 2:1 (take 10000 from amex and… Continue Reading →

Business Cards, Letterheads, Logos and other schwab

Quick … whats the first and most exciting part of starting your own company? Of course, it’s the ability to spend dozens of hours choosing the right company name, company logo, company colour, cards, letterheads, powerpoint templates, email signature styles,… Continue Reading →

How much did I make from

Well, if you all recall, there was some pretty negative publicity with, the blog advertising guys who pay bloggers to write about specific topics. That led me to a quick stopping of using there services. But, on a whim,… Continue Reading →

How to reduce road accidents?

You know how the cops are always trying to give speeding tickets to people who drive fast or rash and break the speed limit? Well, thanks to reading this post by Thaths where he accuses his Hybrid of reducing his… Continue Reading →

10 things to buy second-hand and survive!

I recently read this article about atleast 10 types of things you don’t need to buy brand-new. I’ve done a few of them myself . 10 things you shouldn’t buy new – MSN Money Central (also read this second one)… Continue Reading →

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