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Facebook Appsaholic: Now promote your apps

The Appsaholic app on facebook just added a new feature in the last few days … “Promote your Apps” Looks like there is a limited release of select few (I was included!) to get the app tested with a sample… Continue Reading →

Making a usable product – nothing’s changed

#3 of seven lessons for startups from Intuit 3)     Your competitor is not other companies, but the way that things are done now.   Forty-six companies sold accounting packages at the time Quicken entered the market.   But Scott Cook found… Continue Reading →

Future of DB design – some light reading

Ever since I figured out that what I did to databases was actually called normalization, some of the excitement went away. It meant that what I was doing wasn’t some genius idea cooked-up in my brain but actually the right… Continue Reading →

A good kind of a headache

I’m getting old. Mentally. It sucks. After trying 15 minutes of simple arithmetic exercises … I’m sitting here holding my head. But this is the good kind of headache. Kind of like how my muscles feel after swimming for 30… Continue Reading →

Whats a startup owner to do?

I just learnt this from my uncle … As a business-owner, you just walk in each day, take a look at current problems and fix them. Thats it.You don’t add value to your company in any other way.You are a… Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: The video you never saw

Everyone’s seen dozens of interviews of and by and for Steve and Bill. Well, here’s a video that I’ve never seen before. It’s 1983 vintage but the funniest yet. See the video here Steve Jobs Bill Gates dating game

The Obama look – no necktie

I didn’t know that my business casual, but not-too-casual, look already had a name in some circles. Variously, it’s known as the Obama look or the tieless look. It’s basically a partially matched sports jacket and slacks with lighter coloured… Continue Reading →

ClickComment: Wayyyy cool

See the funky circles below?Just select the ones you think match your response to the blog entry! Simple. Get it for your blog at ClickComment clickcomment genius why didn’t I think of this

Better timelines

I have this thing for timelines. I really get excited when I see data in the form of timelines … maybe it’s because they give me the historical perspective in a clean and quick format. Google tried it’s hand at… Continue Reading →

From “letter to a young american hindu”

I need to read it a couple more time to get my thoughts about it better ordered. Still, take a peek at this “I feel like this too” article by Vijay Prashad titled “Letter to a Young American Hindu“ Though,… Continue Reading →

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