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Thoughts on Selling Features vs. Benefits

I was a part of a PlayBook RoundTable discussion last evening hosted by the nice guys at Canvera. The topic was How to Set Up and Create A Winning Effective Sales Team – pretty timely in my startup journey, luckily for me!… Continue Reading →

Other People’s Money

Reading this article on “Other People’s Money” got me thinking on what it truly means to have an investor or be an investor. The post itself talks of a 2×2 graph from Milton Friedman.

What is education if not a way to keep hunger away?

Today I purchased alphabets from someone who doesn’t know what they are. She just knows that they will feed her poor family. I picked out V I R so she could make this beautiful wristband for my son … I… Continue Reading →

Making a Business Case

Here’s one way … A cousin of mine didn’t get (or maybe “didn’t want”) a cellphone while he was so young. So he never bothered to push his parents for one over the years. Then, over this summer, he started… Continue Reading →

Microsoft CRM 4.0 supports Indian numbering system

There was a pleasant surprise when I started using Microsoft CRM 4.0 last month. Indian companies can actually use the support for lakh and crore instead of millions and billions that they are forced to use with other software packages…. Continue Reading →

Free WiFi at Delhi Airport

So Delhi has a new Domestic terminal (1D) and it looks pretty awesome so far. Even better is the fact that you walk past security and are greeted with this wonderful sign … Airtel has done a decent job on… Continue Reading →

Is this really Suramya, writing on Suramya’s blog?

I just saw this in one of his blog posts … My wireless card is still not working but the IT guy is supposed to come today to take a look at the laptop and increase the RAM on the… Continue Reading →

What the hell happened to Professional IT?

Pretty close to my sentiments regarding the downhill education of the Professional IT people. I expect that “professional” IT people are professional. I expect that they have a desire to learn, a technical competence to achieve the tasks they set… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Indian Cartoonists

So Surabhi and I decided to finally go and spend some time looking at Ranga’s cartoons over the years at the Indian Institute of Cartoonists. Pretty good collection, I must say. Though, a lot of the politicians were completely alien… Continue Reading →

Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C Clarke moves on to a higher plane of existence. After all, one of the God’s of S and SF would not want to consider merely something as mundane as death the end.

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