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Offline ready, or even willing?

I know travel has opened up.I know we haven’t met in over two yearsI know that “new” place has great coffee/idly/beer and we should meet there.I know in person meetings increase comfort between people.I know free-wheeling conversations cause serendipity. I… Continue Reading →

I love you but not that much

It is not only acceptable but required that you love your product.Why else would you spend 1000s of hours building something if you don’t love it?! But please understand what exactly is it that you are loving.┬áDon’t blindly love your… Continue Reading →

I come from two Indias

I come from two Indias. My take on this as a startup founder and entrepreneur in India.

Thank you for helping me get fit

After long minutes of deliberation, I finally gave in and started walking towards the Krispy Kreme counter at airport. About halfway to the counter, I passed this really fit gentleman, tight t-shirt et al. Salt and pepper gave away the… Continue Reading →

Me vs. Them (On war)

How does war affect me?My stock portfolio is down.They might not get food. My fuel bill is higher.They might die. My gadget imports are delayed.They might miss years of school. My newspaper has a new focus.They don’t know which direction… Continue Reading →

Nyan Nyan Cat & NFTs

My kid wanted to know “Papa, what is this all about?” and showed me the cover page of the ET. If I wasn’t the curious nerd that I am, I wouldn’t have known about Nyan Nyan Cat or about NFTs…. Continue Reading →

Maybe Apple should charge 2% like Visa/Mastercard

Apple makes it sound like they are doing the small app developers, startups & creators a favour. Let’s be clear, this isn’t money “Apple has paid” to developers. It is the money that consumers, the customers of the developers/startups/creators, have… Continue Reading →

Vaccination of frontline workers: Zomato

Zomato doing a Vaccination drive for their delivery partners. Hope more companies do this. The Frontline teams are the audience that needs this asap.

Startups that you thought

Startups that you thought will rock, crash.Startups that you thought will crash, rock.

Will the East India Company of the 21st century please stand up

In the epilogue of his book The Anarchy, William Dalrymple writes: The East India Company has, thankfully, no exact modern equivalent. Walmart, which is the world’s largest corporation in revenue terms, does not number among its assets a fleet of… Continue Reading →

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