I know travel has opened up.
I know we haven’t met in over two years
I know that “new” place has great coffee/idly/beer and we should meet there.
I know in person meetings increase comfort between people.
I know free-wheeling conversations cause serendipity.

I know. I know. I know.

But do you know?

Our work load hasn’t gone done.
We are still doing back to back Zoom calls like it’s the summer of 2020.
We are still taking calls at 9:30am and calls at 9:30pm.
We are still savouring 60-minute calls that end in 52-minutes. 8 minutes of Dhirubhai-style tax-free profit to spend in the restroom or stretching our back or to refill the bottle.
Our kids are in school, but out neighbours have begun interiors. So noise levels still cause day-long headaches.
We have just as many zoom webinars plus and now physical conferences to attend as well.
Our broadband is still choked. As are our roads once more.

So, let’s slide slowly into the in-person meetings. Don’t try to make up for 2.5 years in 2.5 months.