Preface: I’ve a lot of respect for the Tata Group & Tata Consultancy Services‘ successes.
Hard Truths: This headline is both funny and sad.

1) SuperApps have been tech’s bane for years.
2) Top-down planning rarely succeeds.
3) SuperApps are never Super at launch. They won users with a sticky Original Feature first. This gave them Super-Retention, which they *then* used to make complementary features sticky.
Original Feature: Think WeChat‘s chat, Gojek‘s ride-hailing or Jio‘s 4G.
4) An App launch delayed by a full quarter for an “auspicious” day speaks about a “bureaucratic” mentality.

This is why early-stage founders will always have an edge and why I invest in & support startups. They have to watch out for the tech-first Unicorns, but old-world-incumbents are not their competition.