Did you spend “too long” coming up with your startup name/domain/logo? I know I did.

I even ran a poll to pick between our top choices, and spent more hours on logo design

I get it: An interesting name/logo matters, but don’t get distracted.

If you are getting distracted here are some tips:
1) It won’t matter as much as you think it will
2) Be decisive. Then quickly go back to building/coding/growing
3) Time spent on SEO/ASO is more valuable than on the logo shade/design

May I request you to vent/share in the comments?
Q1: What were your top 3 startup-name/domain choices?
Q2: Looking back, do you feel the time spent was “too long” or “not enough”?

Added: I wanted to share my thoughts around how a great name won’t build a great product, but a great product will pull up an otherwise mediocre name.