With over a billion people armed with decent mobiles and internet speeds enabling live-streaming, mobile gaming is finally fulfilling the promise of games for all.

Console/PC gaming (mostly US/Korea/Japan) never scaled up. It needed expensive hardware (Xbox/Playstation/PC), a large screen & broadband. Also, good games costed > $50

But the real problem was accessibility. You invested thousands of bucks and still couldn’t carry it with you.

Mobile gaming builds on formats introduced on consoles but are optimized for small screen, bite-sized sessions. They have wallets linked, piggyback on social networks and delegate processing to the cloud.

We’ll see a golden era of games finally made for Indians, including vernacular. Lots of evolving action.

Top models in gaming include:

  • Casual games. Think candy crush.
  • Card games. Think Uno, Teen Patti, etc.
  • Real money games. Pay to play tournaments with the option to cash out.
  • Social games. Challenge friends in games of knowledge and skill.

I’m doing a deep dive into these areas and invite you to share your experiences and thoughts with me in comments or via DM. I’ll write about specific areas as individual posts over the next several weeks.

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