Here is a recent post on a survey of potential employees and if they would join a startup in India …

Q1: Are you willing to join a startup?

Insights: Response to this question was a big surprise as more than 85% job seekers said they would like to join startups.

Original survey was done by MyNoticePeriod and results were further published by NextBigWhat at Attracting Talent To Your Startup

I have to disagree with this survey results as it seems to be based on responses by pre-biased people.

The max. number of people who would have answered a survey by mynoticeperiod would already be comfortable searching for positions in startups.

That is the kind of early-adopter crowd that Mynoticeperiod is attracting ((that’s a good thing for them, btw). And that’s what I’ve seen through my recruitment account at mynoticeperiod)).

But this also means the overwhelming response rate stating that “85% job seekers said they would like to join startups” is not fully representative of all job-seekers in India.

I wonder if you would get similar high % from a survey of job-seekers on babajobs or even naukri?

Alternate example: It’s like asking readers of NextBigWhat “Can you code?”

You may get “yes, I can code” as a response of over 90% of readers of NextBigWhat. BUT that will not be a representative sample of “all Internet users in India”.

I agree that there is more interest in working for startups in general. But “85%” is incorrect by a significant margin and popular blogs should address this up-front in their article.