I was a part of a PlayBook RoundTable discussion last evening hosted by the nice guys at Canvera.

The topic was How to Set Up and Create A Winning Effective Sales Team – pretty timely in my startup journey, luckily for me!

The discussion with other fellow entrepreneurs was excellent and thought-provoking and great interactions with people who knew enough and people like myself who were still learning.

However, the most fundamental ideas and thoughts came from someone who completely thinks of himself as “not the entrepreneur” – Deepak Prakash, VP at Tally.

Here’s one (of many) quote from Deepak:

Customers don’t buy Features.
They buy Benefits.

This is thought provoking for so many of us “techies-turned-entrepreneurs” who are still in the mindset of what else can we build for you. 

Customers don’t want what we build. They want benefits.

— There … take a full minute to go over the quote again and truly internalise it. It packs a whole lot of meaning.

It helped that earlier in the morning I had read this excellent article by Joseph Walla titled This email may be worth millions of dollars in sales (don’t be misled by the spammy title – it’s pure entrepreneur gold!)

Just glad I’ve got to learn from a true master of his trade, Deepak.