So I’ve come to realize why we see so many hate/negative posts about Bangalore on various social media websites.

Some thoughts:

1) We are more wired and net-savvy as a city. Lots of residents of Bangalore are online for longer hours of the day. And so they vent on these sites before venting in person at a dinner table.

2) We have a greater % of population that is *new* to the city … meaning not born here, not done schooling here. People who have been a resident for under 10 years. This has actually been the case with Bangalore for too long and frankly, this is what makes Bangalore the awesome city it is. So the number of new-residents complaining is higher just because the number of new-residents themselves are higher.

3) More of these people (from #2 above) are from smaller, no-future-here type of towns… and they compare those idyllic dead-end lives to the hustle of a growing city. Cannot help it. It’s a fact.
Bangalore *is* cooler than the dead-end town you came from. You did book a one-way ticket when you moved here, right?!

4) Bangalore does not have it’s aggressive culture/heritage protector politicians like what SS/MNS does for Mumbai (thank god, I know) so people feel free to vent out publicly more often.

5) Most Bangaloreans don’t give a rats-ass about negative people. We recognize that the economic, cultural & social growth of the city is possible only with fresh infusion of talent and we’ve got to take the good, bad and ugly as a set. Cannot pick and choose.

6) The percentage of people who vote for a life in Bangalore by, you know, actually moving to Bangalore, is huge and the majority of them don’t bitch and complain. And we appreciate you for this.

Bangalore is to India what the Wild-West was to america during the 1800’s.  Fortunes are made in months not decades. Just give it a generation or two and we’ll be settled in nice and comfortably!

I’m sure I missed/mis-thought/incorrectly-mentioned many things. Please do clarify in your comments.

Melting pot of India, FTW!