The simplest way of knowing when your marketing is getting it right is the exact moment when the phones start ringing (or emails start coming in from prospective clients). Incoming sales leads are the direct result of and the much sought-after marketing nirvana.

However, this is also the time for the dreaded “too big net” effect. Due to the sudden deluge of calls, there is a tendency to drop the ball on some of the leads.

How the hell does a salesperson do this? I mean, isn’t the salesperson’s goal to answer every email and respond to every call?

You wish. I wish, too. And no one is to blame. I miss out on leads all the time. Some leads just slip past the “unread items” of my inbox all the time.

The only real solution for this is to seriously, religiously, regularly enter incoming leads into your company’s CRM. It can be Microsoft Excel, SugarCRM, Basecamp or anything else. Just getting every lead entered into some sort of electronic system HELPS!

This takes diligent practice and constantly reminding oneself that “yes, data entry sucks! But you’ve got to do it. No two ways about.

Heck for the super lazy, atleast write down the leads and details about the phone conversations and pass them along to an assistant in the office who can then type it out into your CRM.