We have been working over the last few months to get a simple RFID Tags and Reader catalog/catalogue up and running.

I believe it is now ready with some simple content and products and should be show-cased to a smaller audience to see how it looks and compares to other such websites on the Internet.

You can check the RFID Tags and Readers Shop and browse through the various items on display.

We have a section on RFID tags for various applications:

UHF RFID Tags are used for long distance reading on pallets, cartons and vehicles.
are used for jewellery inventory, access control and attendance tracking.

Also, there is a section on RFID Readers (fixed as well as handheld):
UHF RFID Readers are used with UHF Tags and for long range reading and are usually TCP/IP (LAN) based.
HF RFID Readers. are used with HF Tags and usually are USB, Bluetooth or Serial (RS232)

I am still thinking of removing the section titled “by manufacturer” and changing it to “by application/solution area” and put in items such as “car tracking”, “retail inventory”, etc, etc.

What do you think?