I have used Symbian as my phone OS for a while, not because of the OS itself, but because of the hardware it supports.

First it was the Sony Ericsson, then some Nokia’s. I need a full keyboard, and aside from the Blackberries, Nokia’s have the best keyboard (E-series).

But over the last few months, the complete lack of new application support for the Symbian OS platform is scarce at best.

I mean, even Facebook and Twitter do NOT have a decent Symbian application for the E-series (arguably Nokia’s bestselling mass-market devices). This lack of support from developers is a huge death-knell for this platform.

I have an E63, which I completely love, when it comes to keyboard and general hardware specs. But when it comes to actual applications, I look lovingly at Sid’s Android or Umang’s iPhone andthe hundreds of cool apps they download and ‘show-off’ reguarly.

My requirements in a phone:
1) Physical QWERTY keyboard is a MUST-HAVE
2) Keyboard in normal portrait mode
3) Touchscreen is optional. Don’t care either way.
4) A huge, well support, application library

Is this too much to ask? And what are my options?