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Month February 2010

Proof of Indian Democracy in our National Anthem

It’s still early morning, as I’m sitting for tea (and biscuits, of course) and the cook/cleaner is cleaning the house. Thanks to being close to St. Josephs (Indians) and Cottons, we are within hearing distance of the morning assembly. As… Continue Reading →

Term papers and Final Essays: The post-college version

tenders, college, hard work I remember dozens of term papers, final essays and project reports I had to write and work on during high school and college. They took up lots of hours, editing, formatting and re-proofing. Making sure you… Continue Reading →

Airtel marketing sucks! More proof

Airtel Marketing has some really cheap and nasty tricks up their sleeve … Here are a few I have been targeted with recently: 1) They call you from an out-of-town landline number specifically when you are travelling and paying roaming… Continue Reading →

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