For a very long time, many people complained about the lame-brained approach of Microsoft to reduce a full-sized desktop OS and squeeze it onto Pocket PC’s and call it, well, Pocket PC!

Apple now takes an OS designed for a phone and tries to magnify it to fit a larger tablet/desktop?


So far, after reading the reviews on various websites, the only thing I see going for the iPad is the existing Apple AppStore and the ability to run existing iPhone applications.

Singlehandedly, that is the one ability of the iPad that will give it a chance to become the mass-market tablet device over the next few years.

Please give me a regular dose of the iPhone + Windows 7 laptop to take care of both sides of the equation (Work & Fun).

I wonder how long i will take for someone to port Android OS or Chrome OS onto the iPad and take things up a notch.


Also, while on the topic, I think the iPad is going to hurt Apple’s iPhone sales a lot and allow the competitors another chance.

Just like the Halo effect from one successful product helps push other products from the same company, the reverse effect from the iPad may affect sales of the iPhone.

Now, Apple is just another company that has many hits and atleast one miss.