So Delhi has a new Domestic terminal (1D) and it looks pretty awesome so far. Even better is the fact that you walk past security and are greeted with this wonderful sign Ö

Free WiFi at Delhi Airport

Airtel has done a decent job on the connectivity and signal clarity (itís available most places, including restrooms, etc)

However, one peeve of mine Ö itís impossible to use my mobile browser with this connection.

Problem is that I cannot get to this landing page on Opera Mini (or Nokiaís default browser on the E63) Ė needed Firefox or IE to get there. But once Iím there, the username/password is sent as an SMS on my mobile.

So basically, mobile browsing is not possible. Only laptop/full browser works for me.

Still, cannot argue with the fact that itís a decent connection for free.

free wifi, delhi airport