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Month May 2009

DIY Solar Panels

I learned how to make my own Solar Panels in the last 1 hour. So, what have you DIY today?

The Innovators Dilemma: No, really

With my current focus on providing real world (read: ready to use) RFID applications to clients, it often becomes more necessary to take an existing solution and replicate it rather than start from scratch or provide lots of innovative thinking…. Continue Reading →

Free WiFi at Delhi Airport

So Delhi has a new Domestic terminal (1D) and it looks pretty awesome so far. Even better is the fact that you walk past security and are greeted with this wonderful sign … Airtel has done a decent job on… Continue Reading →

Websites blocked and then some

So I am at the Dubai airport and surfing around (on their free wifi, Thanks guys!) However, I just decided to check up on something I’ve only read online … what kind of websites are good (or bad) enough to… Continue Reading →

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